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Teacher Training Pre-Service (Lifelong Learning)

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CertEd, PGCE & PGDE (full-time, pre-service route) This full-time programme is designed for those who wish to teach post-14 students. Time is spent in taught sessions and a teaching placement, allowing you to develop practical teaching skills and an understanding of educational theory. If you want to teach young people or adults, this course helps you to develop your teaching skills, reflect on current ideas about education and training and to creatively explore the professional opportunities open to you. You will gain competence in planning, teaching and learning, and in working with students. This course is a one year, full-time, modular programme and is assessed through written assignments and practical assessment of teaching practice. The course is structured around modules which are based on different aspects of teachers' work, such as designing learning materials, assessing students, and evaluating learning and teaching. The course is validated by the University of Huddersfield and leads to a University of Huddersfield award. The University of Huddersfield is a Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Students with a degree have the option of taking the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (advanced PGCE). This course is worth 120 credits at Master's level. Skills and Knowledge Developed: The course aims to equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to manage a variety of learning situations and contribute to the wider activities of colleges or training organisations. Through your placement, you will gain practical experience of learning and teaching alongside other professionals. You will develop confidence and competence in planning teaching and learning, and in working with learners in a range of classroom settings.

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